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100% Grass Fed Beef

Our 100% grass fed beef comes from a collection of farms that manage their land holistically without the use of fertilisers and pesticides. Careful management allows a wealth of biodiversity and maintains a healthy soils that sequester carbon from the atmosphere. Soils that are nourished and deep are full of all the essential minerals and vitamins hold water better so are more resistant to drought and help prevent flooding.

Our farms are pro-active in their livestock management techniques, this – along with the nourished pasture based diet of the cattle – prevents the need for routine medicines and anti-biotic’s.

The cattle live on a 100% pasture diet – NO GRAINS EVER and are reared to organic AND ‘Pasture for life’ standards, however sometimes are slaughtered at a family run abattoir (closer to the farm of origin) that has chosen not to go down the costly route of becoming organically certified. This means that the beef is ‘pasture for life’ certified but can not always carry the ‘organic’ label.

Our beef is naturally high in a wide range of nutrients that are beneficial to health. Please see ‘eating yourself well’ to read about the huge difference between 100% grass fed beef and meat from grain fed animals.

If you have any specific questions about how our 100% grass fed beef is reared please ask.

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