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Wild Game

Wild game meat falls into the hall of fame of high welfare, sustainable and nutritious ‘super foods’! The wild game meat we sell is sourced from natural, well-managed estates mostly in the Cumbria and Lancashire areas of the UK.

The wild venison, grouse, partridge, wild duck, wood pigeon and rabbit we sell is all shot from natural habitats so has a totally natural grain free diet and is not farmed or handled. It is therefore grain/GMO free and free from all medicines or anti biotics.

Animals shot in the wild do not have to endure human handling or stressful journeys to an unfamiliar abattoir; they are unaware of any potential danger and the shot is usually lethal. Shooting an animal in its own environment is an incredibly humane way of sourcing meat and is in essence how our primal ancestors fed themselves.

Our wild game is sourced from areas of natural habitat including moorlands and woodlands. Most game estates manage their land in harmony with nature and as a by-product of their commercial operation they support wildlife and important habitats that could otherwise disappear.

If you want to read more about wonderful wild game meat and why we think it is the ‘rock star’ of meats check out our blog.
Please note that our game is processed once a week – if you order by Monday 10am we should be able to get it to you by the end of that working week. If you order after that is will arrive the following week along with the rest of your order.

Please note that wild game is shot and it is likely that you will find pellets within the game birds. Our game is shot with lead (except for the ducks), and as recommended by the FSA we would like to make you aware of the potential risks posed by consuming large amounts of lead, especially children and pregnant women. Wild Game should be enjoyed as part of a mixed diet.

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