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Mutton and Hogget

Mutton is sheep meat from animals that are two year old and over and is a heritage delicacy. Hogget is a wonderful ‘halfway’ between mutton and lamb between 1-2 years old and is sometimes referred to as ‘shearling’.
Good mutton is difficult to find as it is often taken from old ewes at the end of their productive life and is intensively fattened on cereals to ‘make the grade’. Our mutton and hogget is fattened entirely on pasture and raised on an organic system so you can be assured the animal will have had a natural life grazing in fields not have been exposed to chemicals or carry residues from medications. The fat on grass fed animals is higher in unsaturated fats and rich in omega-3, this means it will melt away through cooking better than the grain fed alternative and is better for your health. Our mutton and hogget is dry aged on the bone for the optimal period to further intensify flavours and tenderises the meat.

Our Mutton and Hogget are both ‘Pasture for life’ and ‘Organic’ certified.

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