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Why a Subscription Meat Box could be the driver of Land Regeneration

Our mission at Primal Meats is to be more than a meat selling business. We want to utilise our influence and your purchasing power to make significant changes to the world. We believe that subscription boxes for 100%-grass fed meat could be the answer to our land regeneration issues.

Our lands are degrading at an astonishing rate; for every tonne of food we produce our farming and land management methods are producing 10 tonnes of degrading soils. Within 60 years, our soils’ ability to sustain food production is likely to fail on a global scale. All the while our population is growing at a phenomenal rate. Life for future generations is looking bleak and challenging if we don’t start making significant changes in how we manage land.

You have the power to create change through your purchasing choices. By choosing to buy 100% grass-fed meat from us you are supporting local farms who manage their land holistically and are passionate about regenerating our soils to provide you with nutrient-rich meats which will boost your health. As a generation, we are facing numerous modern illnesses such as leaky gut syndrome, autoimmune disease and allergies.

Not only do our subscription meat boxes support a healthy planet but they also promote a healthy you. We offer multiple subscription box options to provide you with the nutrient-rich meat you need to restore your health.

Here are some key highlights of our subscription meat boxes. As always, we can guarantee:
•    No grains ever
•    No routine antibiotics or medicines used
•    Highest animal welfare and humane slaughter practices
•    100% pasture reared and organic beef and lamb
•    Regenerative farming practices
•    Family Farms

The boxes are PERFECT for the competent cook who cares about the nutrient density of their food, the welfare of animals and the land management practices of the farms they source from above the convenience of selecting individual preferred cuts of meat. The boxes will NOT suit those without a freezer or those who want to shop regularly and select specific cuts.
If you are not completely satisfied with your box, you can cancel at any time.

We believe in equality
When people select only certain cuts of meat we have to de-value the leftover cuts. The number of 100% grass-fed animals in the UK is limited, so it is vital that NO meat is downgraded or wasted. Our belief is that ALL parts of an animal are equally important to your nutrition and should be enjoyed.

We believe it’s healthier
We evolved as humans to be omnivores, eating a variety of food inclusive of both plants and animals. Therefore, we are healthiest when high-quality meat is included in our diet; if we only eat poor-quality meat or specific cuts then we can become vulnerable to illnesses. Our bodies have been evolved to eat all cuts of an animal, and this happens to be the healthiest way of eating. Eating too much muscle meat and cooking at high temperatures can be harmful to health. By using the cuts high in connective tissue and including offal in the diet you can negate any risk associated with selective meat eating.

We believe in REAL cooking
Our boxes contain nutritious delicious meat and connect you to our community where you can find new recipes, get creative cooking tips and share ideas and get inspiration. Our boxes will encourage you to try new cuts, discover new recipes and improve your cooking skills.

We believe in changing the world one animal at a time
Our subscription boxes are about starting a #consumerrevolution in the way we source our meat.
Choosing to eat this meat will increase the demand for it, this means we will have to recruit new farmers and encourage them to turn to 100% grass feeding and more regenerative practices.

If you don’t like what the supermarkets stand for or you don’t want to support conventional farming practices then this is your chance to take back control.

This single change in buying habit could make the difference between us struggling to stay afloat, and being able to expand to the point where we are encouraging more 100% grass-fed organic farmers to come on board – you have the power to do this.

So take a look at our subscription range of meat boxes and also our wholly cow crowd funding space where individual farms can showcase the animals they have available.

If you have any questions, jump on our website chat and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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