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One of the most difficult parts of our business is managing to try and sell ALL the bits of an animal not just the popular bits. Not ‘balancing the carcass’ is the reason many passionate small butchers fail; they end up buying from mass wholesalers or going out of business; either way it’s not helping you get great grass fed meat from great small scale farms.

If you are skilled in the kitchen or fancy a challenge, then subscribing to one of our boxes could really help us. We get to mix up the box contents to give you an amazing range of cuts which fit in perfectly with what’s already being sold. This simple change in buying habit could allow us to grow effectively and create the need to ‘recruit’ organic and 100% grass fed farmers to supply our demand.  More organic farmers means more high welfare animals being eaten, more land being managed in harmony with the environment and the chance to improve our food security and global impact on the planet. No small achievement!




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