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Free Range Pork

Our free range pork is reared in a system that has health and welfare at its heart. The pigs are not certified organic but have the space to roam and root.

The pork cuts will be from pigs reared on a high proportion of pasture approved foods including fresh pasture, local vegetables and lucerne silage and are reared without the use of routine antibiotics etc. The pigs will also get some grains and a mix of foods to help them achieve essential nutrients such as copper sulphate.

The pigs are allowed to move around freely at all times, sometimes they are out in fields and otherwise they are in large straw bedded yards that allow the pigs to express their natural rooting instincts.

Our bacon products are nitrate free so will appear whiter than most nitrate containing bacon. We currently use a 80% sale to 20% sugar cure for the best flavour as we have found the straight salt unpalatable and received complaints. We can offer the option of a buying an organic, free-range, pastured pig and we can cure the bacon for you in a specially designed sea salt cure with no sugar or a sea salt and molasses cure. We would on this occasion need to send the package in two delivery shipments to allow for the curing time so there will be an additional delivery charge.

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