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Wiltshire-Cure Streaky Bacon



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Owing to demand of our Nitrate-Free range of bacon being so successful, (to the point we can’t always keep up with it!) we have been able to source, and offer, this alternative, which we have to say is very good quality bacon, but unfortunately is not Nitrate-Free or organically pastured all year round.

This free-range Wiltshire Cure Streaky Bacon is from pigs that roam free and eat a high proportion of pasture and forage crops, as well as home-grown grain, yoghurt, beer and cider yeast which is milled at the farm where they are raised.  This provides a well-balanced diet for the pigs, free from artificial hormones, growth promoters or routine antibiotics.

The pigs are born and reared on the farm, and spend their summers outside coming in for Winter, to spend their time in cozy barns (the Large White and Landrace pigs have insufficient skin pigmentation or layers of fat to be comfortable in harsh temperatures).

The pigs are processed on the premises, so ensuring minimal stress, therefore retaining control over the whole process of curing and packaging.

These sides of pork are immersed in brine (a salt and saltpetre solution containing salt tolerant bacteria) for 3 – 4 days then stacked in a cool cellar for 2 weeks to mature.  As a traditional Wiltshire Cure method is followed, no water is added to the bacon.  This ensures a bacon that “sizzles” in the pan, not shrivels..

After salt is added, the only ingredient needed is time.  It takes three weeks to cure this bacon, making ‘time’ an important part of this process, to ensure that you receive quality bacon that is full of flavour and succulence.



Here’s a link to how the pigs are raised and the process of curing their bacon.   


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