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Wild Venison Fillet

Wild Venison Fillet


Wild venison is perfectly primal and this 500g fillet is the choicest cut – perfect for simple pan frying. Our venison is brought to you from sustainably managed estates in the north-west of England, where it roams free as nature intended. The result is meat that is the closest thing to paleo there is – and it’s delicious!


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This wild venison fillet proves there’s no easier way to get back to your Paleo roots than eating food direct from nature.  It is as close to natural as it gets.

Our wild venison is sourced from estates in Lancashire & Cumbria. It’s highly impractical to let your primal side take over and go hunting yourself these days, so we let the modern day Paleo hunters do it for us – the gamekeepers. These professional people ensure the highest levels of animal welfare at all times, up to and including the shoot. Wild venison is the result of a carefully managed system of land management and sustainability. The deer range free on the estates and live entirely as nature intended.  They eat a balanced and healthy diet – the benefit of which is passed down to us in the meat. With a high nutritional value and free from any additives that could be found in intensively reared meat, it is perfect for the primal diet. Read more about the nutritional and ecological benefits of eating wild venison and other game.

The prime cut is the venison fillet we have here. Weighing 500g, three slices with a sharp knife makes four succulent steaks which, cooked pink, are delicious. Or there are plenty of Paleo recipes to be found if you feel like getting creative. Try Jamie Oliver’s pan seared venison with blueberries, shallots and red wine; just get a good organic red to cook with – and maybe finish with the meal!

The venison fillet is a lean meat, has a great omega 6 to omega 3 ratio and is packed with iron and healthy nutrients; it is among the best sources for vitamins B12 and B6 and riboflavin – add a simple green salad to your steak and you’ll have a meal packed with vitamin B. Of course, most importantly, it tastes amazing – rich and flavoursome.

Caroline is a ‘Certified Primal Blueprint Expert’ and although we can’t comment on individual cases or offer any professional advice directly we generally advocate an ancestral health approach to diet and wellness.  All comments regarding health are based on a picture built up over years of researching scientific literature and working with leading experts in the field of nutrition. By way of a reference for these comments, we have compiled a pinterest board with a range of research and informative articles on the subject. Enjoy.

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