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wild mallard duck oven ready
wild duck

Wild Duck – Oven Ready Mallard


Wild duck is a delicious, Paleo friendly source of meat. The wild mallard we sell is the product of sustainable land management. Usually feeds 2 people.


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Wild Duck is oh-so tasty and we at Primal Meats like it – a lot. Our oven-ready mallard is, of course, excellent for a whole host of reasons that tick our Paleo and Primal check boxes.

For starters, our wild duck is just that – wild.  It forages naturally in its environment which means that it has a balanced diet which meets the bird’s needs.  This passes on to us through a meat that has a high nutritional value.  It is packed with B vitamins, iron, pantothenic acid and potassium, high in protein and of course flavour!

Wild duck is a rich and flavoursome meat.  It has a good layer of fat which makes it ideal for roasting whole, as the fat renders down for basting.  Jointed, there’s so much you can do with the duck.  This chargrilled duck breast recipe can easily be adapted for the Paleo diet, or simply season, wrap in streaky bacon and pan fry.  It’s fairly easy to render the duck fat and then confit the legs. and make a Paleo Cassoulet

Caroline is a ‘Certified Primal Blueprint Expert’ and although we can’t comment on individual cases or offer any professional advice directly we generally advocate an ancestral health approach to diet and wellness.  All comments regarding health are based on a picture built up over years of researching scientific literature and working with leading experts in the field of nutrition. By way of a reference for these comments, we have compiled a pinterest board with a range of research and informative articles on the subject. Enjoy.

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