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Surprise grass fed meat box
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Surprise Grass Fed Meat Box


This surprise! meat box is an exciting chance to seasonal specials, new cuts of meat and benefit from last minute discounts – for the adventurous cooks among you!



OK – a surprise grass fed meat box sounds like potential for a bad joke! however some people LOVE just trying new cuts of meat and the challenge of coming up with new recipes for what is available in the freezer. In this grass fed meat box you will get seasonal favourites, discounted specials (so it offers good value), and the chance to be a guinea pig for new products (free of charge). It also gives you chance to try a meat box without signing up for subscription as your trial box.

You can leave a note in the ‘delivery instruction’ part at checkout if you specifically don’t want a product including in your surprise meat box or if you follow a particular diet.

Caroline is a ‘Certified Primal Blueprint Expert’ and although we can’t comment on individual cases or offer any professional advice directly we generally advocate an ancestral health approach to diet and wellness.  All comments regarding health are based on a picture built up over years of researching scientific literature and working with leading experts in the field of nutrition. By way of a reference for these comments, we have compiled a pinterest board with a range of research and informative articles on the subject. Enjoy.

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  1. Callum (verified owner)

    If you’re like me and have been looking everywhere online for 100% natural, healthy, clean meat sourced from the best farms in the UK but also need it to be affordable, then you’ve just found the place. When looking through the shop and adding up all the different products I was after, I was a bit overwhelmed by the cost and then thought, surly a meat box would get me a months worth of meat but for much better value? Well this box not only does just that, but I’ve also been getting THEE most amazing cuts and types of meat which I would never otherwise have thought to buy. We’re all so used eating standard cuts of meat which the supermarkets offer; chicken breast, pork chops, mince… over and over – bored! But with the Surprise Box from Primal Meats, I’m getting all the great cuts of meat I’m used to (beef, chicken, lamb, pork) but also things like pheasant, pigeon, rabbit, veal and more! And it’s all the best quality you could hope for with a very noticeable taste difference – be prepared to actually cry tears of joy over a stew or your grannies mince ‘n’ tatties recipe.

    I honestly can’t praise Caroline and the team at Primal Meats more for putting all of this great meat right into our hands and supporting sustainable, healthy farming in the UK. Seriously she’s right – vote with your pound! By putting your money into high quality farming, you’re supporting it too. We need to get everyone eating like this again. And seriously, this box is amazing value for money. I’m spending exactly what I did before (if not less!) on meat every month but also getting quality I can trust. You seriously can’t do better.

    • Caroline Watson

      Wow, thanks so so much Callum – comments like these make us VERY happy and like it all seems worth while – 🙂

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