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organic chicken necks
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Organic Chicken Necks


Our organic chicken necks are nutritious and delicious and ideal for making health promoting broths. Approximately 10 necks per KG.


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Our organic chicken necks are great for making stock or ‘chicken bone broth’ in your own home. Bone broths have been used as a healing food throughout time but it is only recently that we have started to realise the science behind this ‘old wives tale’. This link gives you an insight into what people are saying about chicken bone broth and how it can heal your gut and improve your skin and joints.

Here are some instructions on how to make a chicken broth or chicken bone broth with our organic chicken necks.  Eating the whole animal or so called ‘nose to tail’ eating is a great way to become a more environmentally sustainable eater.

Our Chicken orders need to be in on Sunday night to be guaranteed for delivery the following week. 

Our organic chicken necks are from a family run farm who both rears and slaughters on their own land.

The chickens are free to roam throughout the day and shut up in bedded pens with plenty of room at night to protect them from predators. They roam on fresh pasture and the arcs are regularly moved so the grassland does not get soured and there are plenty of invertebrates for the hens to feast on.

The hens have access to grain which soil association approved organic is feed which is sourced in the UK – no GM grains are used.

Both the male and female chicks are used for rearing and their rate of growth is nearly twice as long as more commercial operations, this allows the animals to adjust to their increased bodyweight and keep mobile.

Caroline is a ‘Certified Primal Blueprint Expert’ and although we can’t comment on individual cases or offer any professional advice directly we generally advocate an ancestral health approach to diet and wellness.  All comments regarding health are based on a picture built up over years of researching scientific literature and working with leading experts in the field of nutrition. By way of a reference for these comments, we have compiled a pinterest board with a range of research and informative articles on the subject. Enjoy.

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