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Half A Hogget


This is a ‘rare’ chance to try some hogget which is sheep meat from an animal between 1 and 2 years of age. This hogget has been dry aged for 1 week and can be cooked exactly as you would cook lamb. As tender as lamb yet with richer flavours not yet as developed as mutton. 100% grass fed and Organically reared.


Hogget is a wonderful sheep meat that is available from the time a lamb reaches approximately a year and it grows it’s first set of adult teeth and ends when it becomes mutton at two years old (or when it becomes shearling in some parts of the Country.)

We love hogget because it still has the delicate tenderness of lamb yet it has gained the flavoursome notes of mutton without being too strong. It’s at that perfect point in the middle.

Our hogget is organically reared and 100% pasture for life. We only sell hogget in half animals as there is limited availability, we will always endeavour to supply you within 2 weeks of your order.

The half a hogget is dry aged in the fridge for 1 week to enhance the texture and flavour.

The half a hogget box will weigh between 6-8kg and take up a drawer in an average sized freezer. Due to the fact that hoggets are grazed solely on grass, not fattened on grains, there are times when they may weigh in small. In these cases we will refund you according to the weight you receive.

The cuts are as follows:

2 x half shoulder of hogget

Leg fillet joint

1/2 leg of  joint

6  loin chops

6  cutlets.

Rolled breast

1 x hogget neck stew pack

Stock bones

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My Hogget Pie Recipe (Not Paleo!)

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