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Our Affiliate Program

We have a super simple affiliate program and we are excited you are considering becoming a primal partner.

If you don’t know what the heck an affiliate is, don’t be put off, it just means you are willing to recommend us and in return we pay you to say thanks.

There is no contract or commitment you just sign up and we give you the tools you need to link to us and get paid 5% of the value of any sales from your efforts.

If you have a web site we will provide codes and add pictures to create a beautiful link.

If you don’t have a web site you can create social media posts or links from other your guest blog posts on other sites. We provide you with a unique link that tracks your referrals.

When you get your first sale we will send you a BBQ pack of primal burgers and sausages to celebrate with.

You can leave at any time and we keep all you details secret and secure.

Please read Affiliate Term and Conditions

Click here to become an Affiliate or log-in if you are already an affiliate

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