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Wholly Cow - Where Cow Pooling Meets Crowd Funding!

What is Wholly Cow

Have you heard of Holistic management or the regenerative agriculture movement?

Holistically managed farms - through the process of improving their lands biodiversity and soil health - are helping fight climate change, making their land more drought and flood resistant and producing the healthiest and most sustainable food possible.

You can help too – take a look.

Igniting a Consumer Revolution from Savory Institute on Vimeo.

We want to do ‘our bit’ to support this global movement which could be the answer to our soil degradation and climate change crash course. Holistic Management is still young in UK and there are no evaluated sellers ready to offer you their produce yet, there are however some fantastic producers who are practicing the principles. We need this movement to grow and want to support the adoption of ecological outcome verification so are working with a few 'elite' farmers who we think will help this movement forward. Caroline who is a holistic management and regenerative agriculture consultant is involved in bringing this land to market program to the UK and will inspect all potential producers featured on this platform.

Many of these farms are "out on a limb". The live animals would often have to be transported hundreds of miles to get to the central abattoirs that can process the meat. This practice is not humane or viable, but we don't want any of this precious meat going into the mass food chain unmarked – what a terrible waste!

Our "Wholly cow" idea was inspired by the highly successful "crowdfunding" approach. See how it works.

How Does It Work?

01 step

A farmer offers us a finished regeneratively reared animal – at this stage it is still grazing!

We sell the potential meat from this animal.

02 Step

You buy a "share" of an animal – many people form buying groups on social media or club together with family and friends.

The more customers you help us find the quicker we can arrange the meat to get to you.

03 Step

When the whole animal is sold we arrange for the humane slaughter at a local (to the animal) abattoir. The carcass is dry aged on the bone and butchered to the advertised specification then sent to you in insulated packaging ready for your freezer. It's party time and you are stocked up for some time with some of the most nutrient dense, environmentally sustainable and high welfare meat available in the world.

04 Step

If the lot does not sell in the time period we will give you a full refund or offer you an alternative.

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